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Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant

ROCARE offers a comprehensive range of RO Care and Maintenance chemicals, covering from scale prevention in the membrane to achieve a longer and consistent output and performance from the system. It also reduces shutdown and cleaning. ROCARE A series Antiscalants are versatile and can handle wide range of Hardness, Silica and other foulants. ROCARE C Series are cleaners for removal of scales, iron and other foulants including biofoulants accumulated in the system. ROCARE B Series are Biocides for prevention of biofouling in the system.

RO AntiscalantRO CleanersRO Biocides
DechlorinationpH BoosterSurfactants
Antiscalant Balls

RO Antiscalant

Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant are a family of chemical designed to inhibit the formation and precipitation of crystallized mineral salts that form scale. Our Antiscalant for Reverse Osmosis are highly effective in controlling the deposit of inorganic scale foaming salts and particulate fouling on membrane surfaces. Use of our Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant save money by protecting expensive membranes, reduces use of acid for cleaning, high recovery rate, reduce energy cost, save downtime in frequent membrane cleanings. Our Antiscalant for RO is cost effective and prevent mineral scaling of your membranes. Following are Antiscalant for Reverse Osmosis system.


RO Cleaners

Trouble free operation of RO Plant is critical because membranes tend to get scaling; fouling and other organic deposits reduce efficiency or damage membranes. In order to keep the membranes free of scaling membranes have to be cleaned regularly and preserved. We offer complete range of RO cleaners. These RO cleaner are built to clean the membranes for high efficiency. They are synergistic combination of cleaners for Reverse Osmosis membrane. Our RO membrane cleaners are best cleaner in the industry for RO System.


RO Biocides

Membranes are prone to fouling due to several causes one of which is biofouling caused by bacteria. Biofouling can form foundation to collect other debris and lead to further problems. Fouled RO membranes decrease flow at constant rate, increase pressure to maintain permeate flow and decreased salt rejection. In order to prevent biofouling use of biocides is recommended. The RO biocide should be dosed from beginning of using new and or clean membrane. They are antifoulants for RO Membranes, and help them to remain free of bacteria  growth, they increase efficiency of RO plant by keep it reverse osmosis membranes cleans.



There should be no free chlorine residual in R.O. feed water, even with very low level of chlorine in feed stream will result irreparable oxidation damage to the membranes. So operator should ensure that oxidants do not enter R.O. System. Dechlorinate water for RO using our products.  With proper dosage dechlorination is complete and RO plants can have longer life. Reverse Osmosis Membranes needs dechlorination for longer life.  They act as chlorine remover from feed water in RO system.


pH Booster

We offer surfactants for RO system, they act as enhancer for membrane cleaning, and these detergents for RO allow deep penetration of cleaners in to fine pores of membrane enhancing cleaning. They are best surfactants for membrane cleaning in market.



Antiscalant Balls

ROCARE WB is a white transparent ball shaped antiscalant to be used for domestic RO systems for ensuring longer life of membranes. These are antiscalant balls for RO system. They work as Antiscalant in the feed water and prevent scale formation.  They are most efficient for Antiscalant for Domestic RO.